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20 Funny Comics About Yoga That Are So On Point

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Contrary to what some non-yogis might think, the yoga lifestyle isn’t all green smoothies and inner peace. Just like any other aspect of life, practicing yoga leads to all kinds of awkward moments, frustrating setbacks, and embarrassing situations. The good news? All those yoga fails make for some pretty hilarious comics.

Maybe you’re an expert yogi. Maybe you can barely manage Downward Dog. Either way, you’ll probably agree that when it comes to telling the truth, these funny comics about yoga are totally on point.

1. What it feels like when you first start practicing yoga.

Credit: Gemma Correll

2. Some yogis have a couple of big, um, challenges to work with.

3. Yoga instructor, or ultra-bendy alien species?

Credit: MemeCenter Credit: MemeCenter

4. It’s hard to stay in the present when there’s pizza in the future.

Credit: Gemma Correll Credit: Gemma Correll

5. You think you’re not flexible? At least you’re not this guy!

Credit: KilltheHydra

6. Yoga skills come in handy in more places than you’d think.

Credit: EvaComics
Credit: EvaComics

7. For when your practice feels extra fabulous.

8. Be honest. This has crossed your mind at least once.

Credit: Nina Paley

9. If only it was that simple in real life.

Credit: EvaComics
Credit: EvaComics

10. Well, they do say yoga is for everybody.

Credit: Bear and Fox

11. I hear this technique brings you extra inner peace.

Credit: jjj
Credit: Mike Bannon

12. Lest you think all yogis have the kindness and patience of saints.

13. That’s how it’s supposed to look, right?

14. The cobra pose frame is extra real though.

15. And this is why there’s such a thing as beer yoga.

Credit: Natalie Dee Credit: Natalie Dee

16. Ah, finally, a pose that comes naturally!

Credit: Gemma Correll Credit: Gemma Correll

17. Who’s a good yogi? You’re a good yogi!

Credit: Maria Scrivan Credit: Maria Scrivan

18. This is literally every yogi ever.

Credit: mischappy
Credit: mischappy

19. The (pug) struggle is real.

Credit: Gemma Correll
Credit: Gemma Correll

20. Hey, if yoga works for this guy, it can work for you.

Credit: GeekTyrant
Credit: GeekTyrant

So, what do you think? Are these yoga comics accurate or what? Tag a friend who gets it!

Image credit: Devin Bosco Le

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