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20 Fantastic Christmas Hacks

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If Christmas causes you more stress that merriment, this post is for you. We all know the pressure of finding the perfect gift, throwing a holiday party, decorating, sending out holiday cards, preparing Christmas dinner, and trying to stay sane among holiday shoppers.

Minimize your stress and sit back with a glass of eggnog while we offer you 20 fantastic Christmas hacks.

1. Send JibJab Videos

Credit: JibJab Credit: JibJab

Don’t have time to pose for photos, order cards, address envelopes, and go to the post office? Send everyone on your list a Jib-Jab video of you and your family. It’ll make them smile and save you hours.

2. Craft Your Own Ugly Sweater

No time to shop for the ugly christmas party? No problem — make your own “ugly” outfit with all your extra wrapping supplies.

3. Get Your Lights Tangle-Free

Do you spend hours untangling those Christmas lights? Never again — use a hanger to wrap the strings and you’ll thank yourself next year.

4. Need a Last Minute Gift for Someone at Work?

Credit: AuntPeaches Credit: AuntPeaches

Buy some cookies and repurpose an old aluminum foil container for the box. Viola!

5. Mason Jars Galore!

Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

Or put pretty much anything in a mason jar and tie a bow around it.

6. Don't Waste Your Corks

Credit: DIY Ready Credit: DIY Ready

Have you been easing the tension of the holiday season with a little too much wine? Don’t let those corks go to waste — add a couple twigs and you’ve got original reindeer decorations.

7. Running Late for the Holiday Party?

Credit: Betty Crocker Credit: Betty Crocker

Grab a veggie plate at the grocery store and rearrange it to look like a Christmas tree. Bonus points for bringing a healthy dish!

8. Need Labels for Your Gifts?

Credit: Squidoo Credit: Squidoo

Cut the artwork out of Christmas cards you’ve received and add ribbon. Just make sure you don’t hand someone a gift with their a fraction of their own card attached to it!

9. Is Your Tree Looking a Little Bare This Year?

Credit: SAS Interiors Credit: SAS Interiors

Make ornaments out of literally anything in your house. You could finally pull out that old Scrabble game.

10. Burnt Out Lightbulbs Will Now be Cause for Celebration

Credit: DollarTree Credit:

Decorate them with glitter to make cool tree ornaments!

11. Again, Sometimes Drinking Really Pays Off

Use old bottle caps to make cute snowmen.

12. Even Nature Wants to Help You Out This Year

13. Want to Make Every Day Leading up to Christmas Special for the Little Ones?

This homemade Advent calendar lets you choose unique treats — not just sugary ones.

14. No Stockings to Hang by the Chimney with Care?


Get creative with things around the house — using an oven mitt can also make for a nice themed stocking.

15. Recycle

There’s no feeling quite as bad as running out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve. This is where your recycling habit comes in handy! You can use old toilet paper rolls.

16. Dive Into That Pile of Already Read Newspapers

Newspaper also makes for great wrapping paper.

17. Accidentally Shrink an Old Sweater

The sleeve can now keep a bottle of wine cozy.

18. Seriously Stumped About What to Get Someone?

Remember, no one will be disappointed with money. But to make it a little less tacky, fold the bills into a festive wreath.

19. Get Creative In-Transit


If you have to travel during the holiday, fight the lines, middle of the row airplane seats, and inevitable delays with a little creativity.

20. Keep Calm and Yoga On

Credit: Buzzfeed Credit: Buzzfeed

And finally, just as you should do anytime you feel stressed: stop, breathe, and do yoga.

How do you stay creative during the holidays? Share with us below!

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