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16 Things You’ll Relate to If You Love Yoga But You’re Also Really Lazy

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Some yogis practice yoga every damn day. Others practice some days—you know, when we’re feeling really motivated and/or have run out of excuses not to. That doesn’t mean we don’t love yoga. Yoga is awesome and there’s nothing not to love! It’s just that sometimes our love of Netflix binges and staying home wins out.

Don’t sweat it. Even the most dedicated yogis are lazy sometimes. If you’ve ever lived that lazy yogi life, you will definitely relate to just about everything on this list.

1. You SWEAR you’re going to wake up for early for morning yoga. But then this happens


2. When you do manage to drag yourself out of bed for morning practice, it usually looks like this.


Hey, at least you tried.

3. TODAY is the day you’ll start eating an Ayurvedic diet. Right after you eat this leftover pizza.

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. . . Make that tomorrow.

4. You’re totally pumped to go to that Wednesday night yoga class with your friend . . . until Tuesday evening rolls around.

But staying home is so nice.

5. You have an endless number of excuses for why you didn’t go to yoga.

Too bad your yoga buddy has heard them all.

6. You rejoice when your yoga buddy cancels, because that means you can stay home and do nothing guilt free!

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Netflix here I come.

7. When you skip class, your promise yourself you’ll practice at home. But surely a half hour of Netflix beforehand can’t hurt.

Crap, now it’s midnight and you have to go to bed. Foiled again.

8. You put on your favorite yoga pants to motivate yourself. But sometimes your day still looks like this.

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At least you were comfy, right?

9. But when you DO go to class, you feel pretty amazing.

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Oh yeah, yoga is incredible. Why don’t I do it more often?

10. And you wish you’d just made yourself go to class before.

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Were all those hours of Netflix really worth it?

11. Sooner or later, you start to make peace with your laziness.

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Sorry not sorry. 

12. Even when you’re practicing pretty consistently, you still can’t get yourself to class sometimes.

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Old habits die hard.

13. But that’s fine, because you realize that yoga isn’t about being perfect.

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Preach it, McDreamy.

14. You know it’s okay if you don’t practice every day. . .

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Your yoga will still be there for you when you need it.

15.    . . . and that you don’t have to push yourself in every session.

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Sometimes a little goes a long way.

16. Yeah, you’re kinda lazy. But you really do love yoga, and you know you’ll always come back to it, no matter how long you’re away.

Yes, Mr. Gosling. Yes I am.

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