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15 Tweets About Yoga That We Can All Relate To

Erin Duffin
15 Tweets About Yoga That We Can All Relate To

Don't you just love it when you see a tweet so relatable that it makes you feel like you could've written it yourself? And I think if you can make someone smile or inspire them in 140 characters or less, you're a true pro.

(Although this is coming from someone whose tweets usually say something like, "Is this thing on? How do I even Twitter?" However, my point still stands.)

Sometimes a tweet just feels a little too real. It hits a bit too close to home, especially when it comes to yoga.  Whether it's inspirational or funny, here are 15 tweets about yoga we can all relate to.

1. Use Yoga to Be Your Better Self

2. Because Who Doesn't Want a Yoga Wedding?


3. You've Definitely Thought This Before

4. I'm Sure You've Heard This in Class


5. Do You Do Yoga With Your Pets?

6. Sounds About Right, Sometimes


7. It Wasn't Me...

8. Do You Use Yoga to Warm Up?


9. We All Have Those Days

10. Finding Your Bliss... With Chocolate


11. That's Gotta Be a World Record, Right?

12. Isn't That the Truth?


13. It Almost Feels Like Betrayal

14. We've All Been There


15. The Realest

Do you connect with others about yoga via Twitter? Tell us about some of your shared experiences in the comments below!

Erin Duffin
Wanderlust filled yoga teacher and part of the DYY editorial team.