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15 Adorable Animals Doing Yoga

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You love animals, and you love yoga. So then it only makes sense that you love animals doing yoga, right?

If you need a little bit of "awwww" in your day, a bit of a pick me up, or just a little bit of fun, check out these 15 adorable animals doing yoga.

1. Toe Stand is Easy Peasy for This Chimp

2. Down Dog Isn't Just for Dogs

down dog

3. Do You Ever Feel Like This in Plow Pose?

4. Not Seal Pose… But King Cobra

5. Even Giraffes Need a Little Child's Pose

6. How It Feels Doing Locust Pose After Eating Too Much

locust pose

7. This Bear Really Loves to Plank

8. "Am I Doing This Right?"

9. There's Nothing Like a Good Seated Forward Fold

10. Check Out That Tree Pose!

11. Have You Ever Seen Such a Cute (and Fluffy) Cobra Pose?

12. Now *That's* a Happy Savasana

13. How's Your Standing Head to Knee Looking?

14. Peace Out in Cobbler's Pose

15. Finish it All Off With a Little Meditation in Lotus Pose

Did you love these animals doing yoga? What's your favorite yoga pose named after an animal? Share with us in the comments below!

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