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14 Signs You Need More Yoga in Your Life

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The other day while making plans with a friend, there was a small miscommunication and she asked, "You're doing 7 hours of yoga a day??" As much as I wished I could say yes, my full time job prevents that.

(Although I like to think that if I was doing 7 hours of yoga a day, I'd be some blissed-out, transcendent being who would never need sleep again and could do all the things.)

The half hour I can squeeze in before bedtime doesn't really cut it. I definitely need more yoga in my life, and I'm sure a fair amount of you do, too.

Here are 14 signs you need more yoga and should be spending some more time on your mat.

1. You're Not Sleeping Well

signs you need yoga 1-

When you're really tired, it's easy to push yoga to the back burner. But burning the candle at both ends can have detrimental effects on your sleep, and spending a bit of time on your mat before bed can help send you soundly off into the Land of Nod.

2. You're Grumpy

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If this hits a little too close to home, take some time for yourself on your mat. You'll feel better for it (and the people around you probably will, too).

3. You're Sitting Too Much

signs you need yoga 3

This might be why I love hip openers so much. I'm really, really good at sitting. If this sounds like you, take some time to loosen everything back up.

4. You're Busy

signs you need yoga 4

No time for yoga? No way! Squeeze some in wherever you can… 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there… and it'll help you slooooow down.

5. You Need Some You Time

signs you need yoga 5

Kids driving you nuts? It seems like everyone needs something from you? Unplug and unwind on your mat.

6. You Can't Catch Your Breath

signs you need yoga 6

If you feel like you've been breathing shallowly and unconsciously all day, practice your Pranayamas on your mat and take a full, conscious breath!

7. You Feel Lost

signs you need yoga 7

Do you feel like you don't know where you're going in life? This happens to the best of us, and spending some time on your mat can be the perfect cure.

8. You Can't Focus

signs you need yoga 8

It's very easy in life to get distracted by everything going on. Family, friends, smartphones, work, parties… sometimes you can completely lose focus on what's important. That's when you should really step on your mat and take some time to center in.

9. You're Bored

signs you need yoga 9

If you've had your Netflix fill for the day, don't really want to go out, don't really want to do much of anything… step onto your mat.

10. You're Lovin' Life

signs you need yoga 10

Everything's going great and you want to celebrate your life! Show your appreciation and gratitude for your awesome life by practicing yoga. These practices can be the best, most joyful experiences.

11. You Need to Unwind

signs you need yoga 11

Stressful day at the office? Instead of flopping onto the couch, flop onto your yoga mat instead. Busy, tiring days are when a nice, long Yin yoga practice can feel the best.

12. You Want to Get Strong

signs you need yoga 12

If you're looking for a little more strength in your life, whether physical or mental, yoga is the perfect exercise for you.

13. You Want to Learn

signs you need yoga 13

Need to do some introspection? Want to learn more about yourself or the way your body works? That's what yoga's for, my friend.

14. Treat Yo' Self

signs you need yoga 14

Simple as that.

See? We could all use more yoga in our lives, at almost every opportunity. So what are you waiting for?

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