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14 Hilarious Women on Twitter You Should Follow

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Will all the funny ladies please stand up? Comedy can be a relatively male-dominated field, and some of my favorite comics (Louis C.K., anyone?) are guys. But there’s just something about female comics that warms the cockles of my heart.

If your Twitter feed is lacking in the funny lady department, check out these 25 hilarious women on Twitter and hit that Follow button stat.

1. Grace Spelman

This Tweet alone should be enough reason to follow her immediately.

2. Samantha Bee

Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee started hosting her own show, and her political satire is as on point as her personal tweets.

3. Melissa C Rocha

I mean, who doesn’t know this feeling? Which is why I think Melissa might actually be inside my head.

4. Alicia Eler

From hot yoga to Nietzsche, Alicia’s feed is full of gems. And as a wannabe-teen-goth-girl-turned-yogi, this one hits pretty close to home.

5. Mary Charlene

YES. Just, yes.

6. Nikki Glaser

Does anybody know this feeling? Replace dogs with cats, and I’m right there with you.

7. Ali Wong

If you haven’t seen her special Baby Cobra on Netflix, go watch it. Then follow her on Twitter.

8. Caprice Crane

This girl gets it. Which is probably also why she’s a bestselling author and screenwriter. Need a giggle? Follow her.

9. Megan Amram

You don’t get over half-a-million followers overnight, and Megan has perfected her 140-character-max comedy over the last few years.

10. Mindy Kaling

I’ve loved Mindy ever since The Office, and her Twitter feed brightens my day like no other.

11. Kristen Schaal

I absolutely, positively adore Kristen Schaal. If you’re reading this Kristen, please call me and we can go out for coffee.

12. OhNoSheTwitnt

What more could you want than Disney and Game of Thrones references, all cleverly rolled into one, awesome joke?

13. Chelsea Lockwood

Chelsea’s witticisms never fail to make me laugh, and I’m sure they’ll tickle your funny bone, too.

14. ElleOhHell

Do you have an hour to kill? Good. Spend it scrolling though her feed.

How about you – who are your favorite funny ladies to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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