13 Lessons Instagram Can Teach You About Yoga (PHOTOS)

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If you’ve checked out #yoga on Instagram, then you already know that Instagram is a treasure trove of yoga wisdom. Find out what Instagram can teach you about living the yogi life—and snapping awesome photos, while you’re at it.

1. It’s important to always keep a positive attitude.

 Credit: @yoga_girl / Rachel Brathen on Instagram

The success of your practice depends on what you bring to the mat. Don’t forget to pack your patience, gratitude, and a smile!

2. Some days, you feel like a yoga rock star!

 Credit: @gypsetgoddess / Caitlin Turner on Instagram

Gravity-defying AcroYoga? Yeah, I got this.

3. Other days, your practice feels a lot more like this

 Credit: @_sita84_ on Instagram

Don’t worry, someone on Instagram is failing harder than you are.

4. Think you don’t have time for yoga? Think again.

 Credit: @michelleadamspt / Michelle Adams on Instagram

There’s always a way to make time for your practice, even if you have to multitask.

5. You can do it literally anywhere in the world.

 Credit: @joonk26 / Jennifer D. on Instagram

From NYC’s Grand Central Station to the jungles of India.

6. If you don’t have the right prop, you can always make do.

 Credit: @handmelove / Helping Kids Help Themselves on Instagram

Adding extra resistance can build strength and be adorable.

7. Trying a new pose can be scary.

 Credit: @yogibenn / Benn Rasmussen on Instagram

But you have to push your boundaries if you want to improve.

8. Especially when you’re relying on a partner.

 Credit: @mikiashyoga / Michiala Ashkenazy on Instagram

The Partner yoga mantra: “Please don’t drop me, please don’t drop me.”

9. Everyone has their own limitations, and that’s okay.

 Credit: @itsjuliepie on Instagram

It’s okay, T-Rex. I struggle with Chaturanga, too.

10. No matter how advanced you are, Savasana will still always be your favorite.

 Credit: @logantymoffyoga / Logan Tymoff Yoga on Instagram

More like Savasanahhh, am I right?

11. And it’s totally okay to fail.

 Credit: @emleeds on Instagram

Sometimes it’s more fun that way!

12. Yoga is about learning to be comfortable in your body, not snapping a great photo for Instagram…

 Credit: @gemdandies / Gemma on Instagram

Though it still feels totally awesome to post cool yoga photos on Instagram.

13. …Because yoga is for EVERYONE!

 Credit: @ bri_n_day / Bri Daylor on Instagram

Even fluffy little dogs.

What has Instagram taught YOU about yoga?

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