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10 Unusual Tips To Perk Up Your Yoga Practice

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Lost that loving feeling for your yoga practice? Don’t worry, it’s not gone, gone, gone. Having suffered this myself…yes, it happens to even yoga teachers…here are 10 tips that have helped me perk up my practice. Tips includes several “Yoga Yikes” moments, meaning uber yogis, beware…

1. Re-Connect With Your First Teacher

go to his class, send an email, find her on FB. She’ll be so happy to hear from you and just feeling your teacher’s presence will make you surrender back to your mat.

2. Yoga Yikes #1. Take Up A New Activity

SUP, run, bike, crossfit. Using your body in a different way will help you appreciate the benefits of yoga.

3. Yoga Yikes #2. Lose Some Weight

Yes, I just said that. Losing even a couple pounds can make big gains in your practice. Twist deeper, jump higher, feel lighter and move more freely.

4. Eat Better

When you’re taking good care of your health, your practice becomes part of the overall program to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

5. Yoga Yikes #3. Buy A New Yoga Top That No One Else Has

Nothing gets me to the gym faster than a new pair of Nikes, and wearing a new yoga top can have the same effect. Think of it as a fresh slate – a top with no past-practice karma baggage – a piece with no muscle memory. Anything is possible in your new top!

6. Try A New Studio

Fresh faces, a new vibe, and a big welcome can push your yoga pedal to the metal.

7. Try A New Teacher

After 13 years of doing yoga, I have yet to go to a class where I didn’t learn something new. Each teacher has his or her own perspective, sense of creativity and voice. So deepen your teacher bench and expand your yoga game.

8. Shower BEFORE You Practice

I often do. Showering changes your aura. Not only are you more clear-headed, but your muscles are warm and ready to stretch.

9. Yoga Yikes #4. Take A Yoga Break

It’s the “you don’t know what you have ‘til it’s gone” theory. Sometimes creating space, even from your mat, can help you realize the impact the practice truly has on your wellbeing.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Always the rule for die-hard yogis, practice even when you don’t want to. The days you least want to go are usually the days you have a big breakthrough. Don’t limit yourself to the same-old, same-old. Try a new style of yoga, attempt a new pose, skip vinyasas. As you keep evolving, so will your practice.

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