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10 Unique Themes For Your Home Yoga Practice

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When it comes to your home yoga practice, you want it to always feel inspired. Having a theme, a purpose, and an overall motivation behind your home practice can be the very thing that brings you back to the yoga mat day after day. Use the following 10 ideas as a catalyst (or inspiration!) for creating a themed and unique-to-you home yoga practice or sadhana.

1. Set a timeframe – 15, 20, 30, 60, 90 days

Have a set amount of days to devote to your practice with a special start and end date and ritual.

2. Take a sweet, sweet, sweet Savasana sadhana

Make it a daily practice to spend a set amount of time in Savasana. Any amount of time is great, but 20 minutes is the time it takes for your nervous system to respond to the relaxation.

3. Peak pose prep

If you have a peak pose in your sights, consider using your daily practice as a change to break it down, prep for it, and work towards it.

4. Make it a 365

Commit to a daily practice… for the next 365 days! Doesn’t matter what you do, or how long you do it, just that you do it!

5. Add a hashtag

Jump on Instagram and use a hashtag as the theme for your practice – there are hundreds!

6. Add a minute/pose/vinyasa on each day

Start with a minute, a pose, or a vinyasa and each day add on to it. The only rule? Move forward not backwards with the number!

7. Mudra madness

Use a mudra as part of your home practice – either the same one or a different once each day as the focal point of your practice.

8. Single posture sadhana

Pick one pose and devote your practice to this single pose. Maybe a pose that you love, one that you’d like to learn to love, or a pose that is therapeutic in nature.

9. Journal it every day

Create an ongoing journaling practice that contains notes from your on the mat experience.

10. Use a daily word

Pick a buzz word and have the word be the underlying sensation, motivation, and desire of your practice.

What is your favorite theme for your home yoga practice? Inspired by any of the 10 ideas? Share!

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