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10 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow For Some Serious Wanderlust

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Feeling wistful for your next adventure? Need ideas on where to go next? Or maybe you want to live vicariously through others until you can make it out into the world for yourself?

Feed that wanderlust by following these Instagram accounts and be reminded of just how beautiful our world is!

1. @aroundtheworldpix

Great Ocean Road, Australia Photo by @brenton_captures

A photo posted by Travel Earth ???? (@aroundtheworldpix) on

It’s in the handle! Super scrummy shots taken from around the world. These are sure to satiate your lusty wander needs to scour the web for travel inspiration.

2. @laurenrudick

A photo posted by LAUREN RUDICK (@laurenrudick) on

Lauren is an inspiring traveling yoga teacher that will send you a postcard from the city she is in if you donate $10 to a local charity from her website! From shots of her jetlagged self in front of worldwide national treasures, to yoga postures on beaches, this Instagram is one that will leave you inspired to jet set across the globe in search of your next yoga class.

3. @travellingyogagirl_

This yogi is striving to travel to as many countries as she can in one lifetime and boy oh boy, has she made a dent so far. She is blogging her way around the world and sharing the shots with us on Instagram.

4. @earth and 5. @earthpix

A photo posted by EARTH (@earth) on

Looking forward to the new year! | Photo by @samdeuchrass A photo posted by Earth Pics ???????????? (@earthpix) on

These two accounts are all about sharing simply stunning shots from around the Earth! Just gazing into the art in both of these feeds will have you hankering for a trip before you know it.

6. @travelandleisure

Try this feed to see the world and skip the yoga asana shots. This site features other people’s interesting photos tagged with the Travel and Leisure hashtag, which means that the photography, places and general vision is different in every post.

7. @theglobewanderer

Macchu Picchu, done differently. Photo by @kickthegrind – Check him out for more unusual and amazing places!

A photo posted by The Globe Wanderer (@theglobewanderer) on

Another collection site built from their hashtag, these videos and photos are the perfect blend of real and rugged.

8. @neyu_ma

Some stunning photography of glorious and juicy natural scenery blended with tasteful yoga shots. You will love to ogle these pics.

9. @travelnoire

Wanderer. @spiritedpursuit // Marrakech, Morocco. #travelnoire #marrakech

A photo posted by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on

These guys are serious fans of discovering the outside to see what’s inside, with fun and creative posts reflecting all different places. Travel Noire travelers have made it their job to ensure that you know what you’re doing when you travel.

10. @goldie-berlin

Khao Lak ???????? – memories of Thailand experience

A photo posted by Travel Blogger & Photographer (@goldie_berlin) on

Get lusty with Sylvia and her German travel blog by subscribing to her insta-feed to feel as though you are traveling the world with her!

Keep exploring yogis, and share your favorite travel Instagram accounts below!

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