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10 Stunning Yoga Retreats Happening Soon

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Longing to meditate to a magnificent backdrop and salute the sun from somewhere deep in nature? Today we're spreading some yummy-yoga-love like it’s butter by giving you the heads up on these stunning yoga retreats!

All these luxurious yoga vacations are happening soon with trusted teachers, and glorious yoga ju-ju! Whether it’s a boat, a beach, a jungle or a spectacular skyline, grab your travel mat, and see the world doing the thing you love most with like-minded peeps!

1. Peruvian Beach Yoga (Aug 7–30, 2016)

Peruvian Beach Yoga

Set in Mancora at the luxurious beach setting of Samana Chakra, dive into some yoga bliss with Rebecca Mayne and choose any 7 days between August 7th and 30th, or stay the full length and receive your teacher training certification.

Relax in garden setting shalas and do yoga with a view of the ocean. Dig into expertly prepared food, and delicious physical and philosophical yoga throughout the day, or relax poolside listening to the lapping waves on the beach below before taking to the Peruvian surroundings for some sight seeing. Heaven.

2. Costa Rican Jungle (Aug 14–24, 2016)

Costa Rican Jungle

Yoga in the rainforest? Yes please! Sun salutes with monkeys 20 feet away, toucans flying at eye level and whales singing and jumping in the ocean view ahead of your Drishti. Pavones Yoga Center is simply heaven on Earth and will reset your heart! A rich and scenic yoga deck with a clear view from high atop a jungle hill down to the ocean below.

For teachers looking to perfect and hone in on their teaching and timing of Vinyasa flow class designs check out the “The Art Of Flow” retreat-style training with Indira Kalmbach. She will smoothly guide you through the training and leave you blissed out on a perfect rainforest beach with the sounds of nature saturating the air!

Want to get your initial 200-hour training in the same retreat setting? Simply look into next year's June trainings.

3. Italian Countryside (Sept 1–6, 2016)

Exotic Yoga Retreats

This Exotic Yoga Retreats excursion in Umbria is ripe with Italian countryside, cuisine, wine, culture, nature, and of course…yoga! Stay in a luxury ten-room boutique villa with the staggering hills as your backdrop.

Begin your day with meditation, or a hike in nature, followed by mid-morning yoga releasing you into Italy for the day. Re-meet for scrummy Italian cuisine poolside with sunset yoga or evening pranayama practice. Can you say “Delizioso?”

4. The Croatian Coast (Sept 3–10, 2016)

The Croatian Coast

This fall, you could be sailing along the turquoise coast of Croatia. In fact, Exotic Yoga Retreats takes groups yoga sailing with teacher Erdinc Ajredinovski several times a year and this is not your typical cruise.

A secure and relaxing, luxury sailing trip weaves a 100-foot wooden gullet through the Dalmatian Islands and along the perfectly clear Croatian coast, with experienced Captain Filip at the helm.

Feed your soul with morning yoga gazing out at the Adriatic Sea. Fill your afternoons with swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, biking, and exploring local villages, and then restore in the evenings with sunset yoga, before rocking to sleep in your cabin.

5. Iceland Yoga Retreat (Sept 4–10, 2016)

Iceland Yoga Retreat

Connect deeply with nature by joining Yoga Scapes and setting your daily yoga practice with Chelsea Korus against a backdrop of Icelandic beauty or the Northern Lights.

Travel through three locations to delve into the nearby hot springs, investigate glaciers, utilize spa services, hike up the local rivers or go deep-sea fishing. It's by no means a sit-still retreat, but definitely an inspiring yoga journey from the southernmost tip into Reykjavik, leaving you with luxurious memories for the rest of your life.

6. Maui, Hawaii (Oct 23-29, 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.56.07 AM

Hosted by Liz Patnode, with yoga guided by Kathryn Keown, this is a Hawaiian summer extension that you don’t want to miss!

Choose among different kinds of yoga including Bikram, Power and Restorative and be fed gourmet food in a relaxed environment that lets you go at your own pace. With numerous activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking or relaxing on the beach, this trip holds a little something for everyone.

7. Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon (October 10-142016)

Grand canyon

An absolute favorite for all yogi hikers! This watery space is spiritual, adventurous, luxurious and just plain beautiful!

Join the Yoga Journey team as they take you hiking along the gentle 10-mile trails that bring you down to the water. Then swim in the clear blue waters of the waterfalls, and practice nature-inspired mediations for four nights surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon.

Everything is carefully thought through and taken care of for you on this glamorous camping trip of a lifetime.

8. Oahu, Hawaii (Nov 4-9, 2016)


Yoga in Paradise” with Christian Allaire & Wendy Medeiros is a retreat in a secluded and private setting on Kailua's beautiful beachfront.

Sure to be filled with riveting yoga flow, meditations for your mat or the beach, scrummy food and plenty of time to unwind or adventure offsite. The mentor and the mentee have put their heads together in true yogi format and developed this private retreat with you in mind.

With Wendy’s melodic flows and beautiful chanting, and Christian's capacity to inspire and bring anyone into flight mode both emotionally and physically this trip will take you places you have never been.

9. SUP Yoga in the Sea of Cortez (Mar 24-30, 2017)

SUPYoga in Baja

Join Stand Up Paddle Yoga Pioneer, Leigh Claxton and her band of merry yogis at OnBoardSUP for a delicious trip you will want to come back to time and time again.

They offer optional meditations each morning at sunrise, followed by daily yoga and fresh foods prepared in a complete and portable kitchen by your support staff and expert paddlers at Sea Trek. Cruise your way through the Sea Of Cortez, swimming, paddle boarding and snorkeling as you safely explore the details of this enchanted area.

10. Tulum’s Mayan Ruins (Available All Seasons)

Yoga Tulum

Even though retreats here are scheduled all season, it's still best visited in spring. Yoga Adventures Tulum offers beachfront yoga and spa services in this tranquil Mexican spa setting near the Mayan ruins.

They also offer the option of adding Caribbean paddleboard excursions in crystal clear water and hula-hoop classes. When white powdery beaches, and ancient history surround you, there’s nothing left to do but dig into that juicy post-yoga bliss.

Happy trails, yogis!

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