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10 Reasons Yoga Is for Absolutely EVERYONE

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Ever wonder why yoga is so popular? I have news for you—it’s because it was meant to be just that: a healing, strengthening, calming, and empowering practice that offers something for everybody, regardless of their age, gender, race, size, shape, background, and yes, even their fitness level!

Don’t believe me? Hear me out. Here are my top ten reasons yoga is for absolutely everyone.

1. It relieves stress.

Yoga is a true stress reliever that benefits people from all walks of life. In yoga, we learn to pay attention to our breath, and our breath is the easiest way to change our mindset and emotional state.

When we slow down and take deep, full breaths, we can relax our parasympathetic nervous system, which alleviates anxiety and tension. It doesn’t matter who you are; once you discover how powerful connecting with the breath can be, you will be so happy you decided to try yoga!

2. It’s an incredible way to strengthen the body.

So many of my beginner clients can’t believe how hard yoga is. After their first session, they say, “Wow that really made me work,” or “I never knew it would be so tough!”

When we practice yoga, we use our own body to support us in different postures. Yoga truly helps us develop strength from by using our core to support us and by engaging our muscles actively to keep us in a pose.

3. It’s an amazing tool for opening up and gaining flexibility.

Yoga definitely limbers us up and helps us tap into our own flexibility. You don’t have to be Gumby to practice.

When you start a yoga practice, it’s all about stretching your own limitations. You will find that the breath helps you go deeper into each posture and you open up more every day. It’s a process and it takes time, but you will see progress the more you practice.

Letting go of tension and lengthening out the body feels so incredibly amazing, it’s something everyone could use in our uptight, chair-bound society.

4. It’s the best way to connect to one’s self.

Yoga is a sanctuary and a time to tune in to one’s own inner voice. Yoga is non-competitive, lifelong journey. The more you get to know yourself on the mat, the easier it is to be your authentic self in the world.

5. It’s portable and can be done anywhere, anytime.

All you need is your body and breath to practice yoga. Mats are easy to tote, but you can also just use a towel or even the floor. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do yoga, and it’s amazing to be anywhere in the world or even just at your desk chair and be able to break out a few yoga moves.

6. It’s non-competitive and adaptable to every shape, size, gender, and age group.

Because yoga isn’t one size fits all, you can adapt it to your own body. There is a basic outline and alignment for each posture, but it’s also about listening to your own body and moving from within.

7. It’s fun.

Yoga lets you channel your inner child. You get to go upside down, roar like a lion, take all sorts of fun shapes, and even sort of nap at the end of your practice. It’s truly one of the few times you can just let go and be free.

8. It’s low impact and something you can do for the rest of your life.

Yoga is a low impact workout that lubricates the joints and massages the muscles. You can practice yoga for your entire life and use it as an aid for staying young and agile. Some of the most graceful people I know are older yogis who practice to stay open physically and mentally.

9. It’s empowering.

The more you learn to rely on your own self and discover the power of your breath and potential, the stronger and more confident you feel.

Yoga helps you tune in to your own instincts and lead from your heart and gut. You will learn to listen to your inner voice and trust in yourself. Yoga is all about being powerful and kind.

10. It’s life changing.

Yoga has literally changed my life, and I think it will change yours as well. If you start practicing now, beware—you may discover something so magical, you'll never return to the way you used to be before yoga came in to your life.

So, anytime you want to recharge and recover, clear your mind, get lean, flexible, and strong, improve your balance, or get back in touch with yourself, all you have to do is hit your mat, stretch, and breathe!

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