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10 Perfect Truths About Being a Yoga Lover

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Yoga lovers aren’t like everyone else. We have our own quirky habits that non-yogis just don’t understand.

These ten truths are proof that you’re no longer a yoga-newbie and once you have them, you know you’ve evolved into a genuine yoga addict. Welcome to the yoga lover club, my friends!

1. You’re always trying to get your friends to join you.

 Credit: Degrassi Wiki

Come on, guys, just try it already!

2. Your whole wardrobe has changed.

 Credit: Playbuzz

No more jeans, ever.

3. You schedule your life around your yoga class—not the other way around.

 Credit: Glee Wiki/Wikia

I’d really love to come to your party, but I’ve got Vinyasa Flow that day. Sorry!

4. You feel a special bond with other yoga lovers, even if they’re perfect strangers.

 Credit: RedbookMag

It feels good to meet a kindred spirit.

5. You can’t vacation without a yoga studio nearby.

 Credit: WiffleGif

We’re not going to a yoga retreat? I’ll stay home, thanks.

6. You’re willing to spend a little more for high-quality gear.

 Credit: RedbookMag

No more cheap-o yoga mats that fall apart too easily. It’s worth it to splurge on the good stuff that will keep up with your yoga addiction.

7. Your idea of “dieting” has changed.

 Credit: Vedic Podcast

Diets? Please. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle. Goodbye Weight Watchers, hello Ayurveda!

8. Selfies have taken on a whole new meaning.

 Credit: SunnyLol

Remember when “duck face” was all the rage? Now you’d rather show off your awesome new pose (or your hilarious epic fail).

9. Your friends are amazed by your new blissed-out attitude.

 Credit: Hit or Miss Books

Which is why they should just come to yoga class with you already!

10. You get frustrated with your practice, but you keep coming back no matter what!

 Credit: Bjorn Ewers

Because yoga lovers know there’s nothing better than FINALLY sticking that difficult pose.

What other perfect truths describe a yoga lover’s lifestyle? How many of these truths do YOU relate to?

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