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10 Experiences You Have at a Yoga Conference

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Yoga conferencing is awesome! There’s nothing quite like meeting your favorite yoga teacher and taking a class (or four) from them. Plus, you get all kinds of fun yoga swag, and everyone around you is super into yoga, too.

Here’s ten experiences you’re pretty much guaranteed to have when you attend a yoga conference.

1. The Rooms are Kinda Small and Super Crowded

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But that just gives you a better chance to get to know the person next to you!

2. You Try and Take ALL the Classes

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“I’ve got Yin at 11, a workshop at 12:30, then I’m trying out Acro at 2…”

3. You Stop at Every Booth to Try and Get a Free Sticker (At Least)

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The goodie bags they give out definitely don’t hurt.

4. You’re a Little Star-Struck When You Meet Your Favorite Teacher

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“I promise I’m an articulate person. And can I get a picture with you?”

5. You Don’t Sleep Much ‘Cause You’re Too Excited!

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So much yoga! So much fun!

6. Although You Might Accidentally Fall Asleep in Savasana

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Did someone snore? It definitely wasn’t me…

7. You Start Feeling Very In Touch With Your Yogic Self

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“I can do ALL THE POSES.”

8. At the End of the Weekend, You Might Feel a Bit Sore

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Seriously, you guys, send help.

9. But You Feel Super Spiritual

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“I just feel so in tune with the energy of everything!”

10. And You’ve Already Signed Up for Another Conference

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‘Til next time, guys!

Have you been to a yoga conference? Share your best story with us in the comments below!

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