Beginner Mama Prenatal Yoga

Join Lacey Haynes for this prenatal program to help you stay relaxed during this exciting time.

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Calm Body, Mind, And Soul

Release tension, soften your body and mind while connecting to your growing baby. Specially designed for moms-to-be.

You Will Not

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Renew Your Body and Mind.

Welcome to the Beginner Mama module. Here you’ll learn the basics of getting started on your journey as a yogi mama—from breath and movement to healthy alignment, and how to set an intention for a safe and peaceful practice for you and your baby. So relax, get on your mat, and let Lacey Haynes guide you through the basics and beginner flow in this soothing module.
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I love getting on my mat every day and pushing play. Love the results in my body!
Laura, USA
Our whole family loves DoYou. It's something we all look forward to. 
Dan, USA
I've been meditating for 20 days now, it has become a must. 
Ne, UK
DoYou helped me build pockets of calm into my day and make a habit of doing exercise. 
Econ, UK
I've been using DoYou for about a year and I can see progress on my practice.
Erica, USA
Love the DoYou app. Kept me sane and fit in COVID lockdown!
Charlotte, USA

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