How to Pursue Contentment and Celebrate Your Now

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Sometimes it's hard to feel contentment in the here and now.

You’ve been busting your booty at the office, at the gym, at your favorite volunteering spot, and even in your relationships. And all of this effort is so that your life is the level of stellar you prefer.

Or maybe you've lost momentum. Maybe you’ve been feeling less than great and it’s a struggle to wake up, to face your co-workers, your stressful financial situation, or the other hardships you’re dealing with.

Find Stillness

Either way, I want you to take a deep breath and let it go. Now, I want you to celebrate your present moment, your now. Explore it. If your now is spectacular, I want you to put on a groovy tune, dance, and let joy move through your body while you do the electric slide.

If your now is stressful and terrifying, I want you to celebrate this darkness, because it is an opportunity for change. This is a great time for you to awaken to new things, and more than ever, now is the time to create space for the awesome life you desire.

We move so quickly through the moments which compose our lives that the good and bad all begin to blur together. Sure, we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other events here and there, but the bulk of our lives goes unrecognized despite the wonderful bits that find their way to us day in and day out.

Celebrate It All

Can you imagine leading a life wherein each day is a celebration and a destination in itself? Your goals and dreams will still be of the utmost importance, but so will celebrating your life, your loved ones, your job, your food, your favorite yoga class, music, nature, literature, freedom, and all the moments that come together to form your day.

Where you’re at now is a page or paragraph in the novel of your incredible, bad-ass life; you deserve to embrace where you’re at. Celebrating your now while not dwelling or complaining about your current circumstances will make you happier and make room for the novel and beautiful world you desire.

Practicing this will change your thoughts, your disposition, your relationships, and inevitably, the masterpiece that is your life.

What do you have in your now that deserves celebration? Share the love in the comment section!

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