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Giveaway - 3 x Fab & Funky Yoga Leggings From Liquido (Worth $85.95)

Giveaway - 3 x Fab & Funky Yoga Leggings From Liquido (Worth $85.95)

Quick question for you: do you want comfy AND gorgeous-looking yoga pants?

Pssh, of course you do! And lucky for you, this week, we're giving away these beautiful yoga leggings courtesy of our friends at Liquido Active! Three (yep, 3!) lucky DYY readers will get to own one of these gorgeous pairs for absolutely FREE! Not only that, they'll also get to choose which of these 3 rad patterns/styles they want:

  • Fairy Floss
  • Alchemist
  • XLong Deep Orchid Passion

Here's how you can join:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Product & Company Information

Liquido Active is the new kid on the block for fitness apparel that is designed to take you from studio to street in style. The quality and durability of the fabric, combined with unique patterns, brings comfort and fun to your day -- whether you are exercising, working, playing, pursuing your passions, or enjoying some well-deserved couch time. The bright and funky patterns will lift your spirits, put a smile on your face, and even give you superpowers!

Fully designed and manufactured in Brazil, Liquido is committed to business practices that treat employees with dignity and respect, and to being good stewards of Mother Earth by using procedures that have minimal impact on the environment.

Get 10% Off + Free Shipping On Your Order

If you enter the contest and don’t win, no worries! You’ll still get 10% discount for any Liquido Active merchandise by using the coupon code DOYOU10% in their shop.


- Discount code is valid from Thursday July 17, 2014 through Sunday July 27, 2014.

- To avail of the discount, customers should logged in as a general customer or not logged in at all. Logging in as a teacher will render the coupon code invalid.

- The code can only be used once per customer

- The code is not valid in conjunction with any other offer/ discount or sale


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