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Giveaway - 3 x Dharma Bums Yoga Leggings (Worth $85)

Giveaway - 3 x Dharma Bums Yoga Leggings (Worth $85)

We all know that yoga practice isn't about the clothes you wear, but we also have to admit that yoga pants and leggings that let you practice in comfort and style are pretty damn awesome. So for this week's giveaway, we're giving 3 lucky DYY readers just that -- their own, FREE** pair of comfortable and stylish yoga crops or leggings from Dharma Bums!

Here's how you can join:

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Product Description

Dharma Bums is an Australian-based yoga and activewear brand that lives out the yogic principle of respecting and honoring other people's dharma. Their products are made in line with these values -- everyone involved in bringing the products to life is paid fairly, treated respectfully and works in safety for an Australian family-run business.

They also employ environment and animal-friendly production processes and materials; all stationary, packaging, and promotional material are made from recycled paper, no harsh chemicals are used in their garment dyes, and no animal products are used in making their products.

Dharma Bum:  A person who travels through life living their purpose, doing what they love in peace, happiness and harmony.

Find out more about their products here.

**includes free shipping

Get 10% Off Your Next Order

If you enter the contest and don’t win, no worries! You’ll still get 10% discount for any Dharma Bums product by using the coupon code DOYOUOffer in their shop.

*NOTE: Discount code is valid from Thursday May 22, 2014 through Thursday June 19, 2014.

This giveaway contest is over and the lucky winners are Lucy M. from US, Pika from Slovenia, and Rachel G. from US!

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