Confessions Of A Spiritual Shopaholic

There is something about simplicity that brings an immense feeling of peace, joy and well being. The less we do, the more we can Be. The less we stress, the more we can savor the process and not solely the outcome. The less we indulge, the more we can connect to our inner-world and focus on what we’re running from.

The less we buy, the more we can radiate gratitude for what we have and experience abundance in realizing what ‘enough’ means and feels like to us, right?

Spending Money On Wants Versus Needs

But we all have those days (or weeks…hence the title of this piece and my collection of concert stubs) when we spend more money than we wish to on things we know we don’t necessarily need. Combine these spending splurges with the knowledge that we should be saving up for x, y and z and paying off our bills…and all of a sudden we become filled with anxiety and stress regarding whatever we doled out the cash for.

This adds to the belief system ingrained in us by society that we live in scarcity and never have enough, which is no bueno for ourselves or our collective consciousness. So what sort of solution can remedy this dilemma? Easy. The way in which we choose to buy things.

What Is A Spiritual Shopaholic?

Yes, it’s important to be a conscious consumer and realize that you have everything you need if you’re hydrated, sheltered, nourished, clothed, loving and spiritually connected. But when you do choose to purchase expensive thangs, or buy luxuries that you could do without, be a spiritual shopaholic.

A spiritual shopaholic is one who makes a purchase (whether it’s coconut water, grass-fed chicken, Michael Kors crocs or a new VESPA or whatever mode of transportation that tickles your chakras) and celebrates contributing to a thriving economy.

The Truth About Money

A spiritual shopaholic celebrates nourishing someone’s family, keeping the employee serving you in the work force, eradicating our limited beliefs about money, whilst inviting magic and abundance into their lives and embracing the truth that money is just money. It’s a form of energy that allows us to share and enjoy experiences and goods.

We don’t need to worship or fear our credit cards and income, or pine after another’s wealth — instead we can cleanse and re-invent our belief system about finances, whilst extending gratitude for everything that we do have in this glorious moment.

I am a spiritual shopaholic. Are you?


Marlene MalikBy Marlene Malik – Marlene is a wanderer of the Universe, hailing from Africa and currently living in Toronto. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour and often can be found in Savasana, baking vegan goods, devouring literature, hugging/planting trees and enjoying long hikes. You can connect with Marlene on Twitter.


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