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6 Big and Beautiful Yogis You Should Follow on Instagram

Here on DOYOU, we talk a lot about how yoga is for everyone—and that includes people of all shapes and sizes. But in a world filled with negative messages about curvy bodies, it can be disheartening to see those toxic attitudes appear in the yoga community.

That’s why so many yogis are speaking out against the idea of a “perfect” yoga body. Yoga superstars like Dianne Bondy and Anna Guest-Jelley have paved the way for a whole movement celebrating full-figured bodies on and off the mat, and their message is catching on.

These six big and beautiful ladies are just a few of the many inspirational yogis on Instagram that prove that yoga is for every body!

1. Valerie – @biggalyoga

Samantha Allen
Samantha Allen Writer and Editor

Samantha is part of DoYou's editorial team and writes about inspiration and news.

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