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3 Reasons To Try DIY Beauty

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As a DIY beauty blogger and enthusiast, a lot of people often tell me they don’t have the time or patience to make DIY products.  DIY beauty is not as time consuming or difficult as it may seem. I want to share 3 reasons why we should all give DIY beauty a try.

1. Time should not be a hindrance

Just like we make time for a whole foods and healthy diet,if we want keep a beauty regime, we should try to make time to keep it as green as possible. As the largest organ on our body, our skin regularly absorbs everything that is put on it. As a result, having a whole foods diet but dumping chemicals into our body thru our skin is counter-efficient.  Additionally, our skin is already exposed to the pollution of our daily environment. For better or for worse: we are what we eat (put on our skin)!

2. Beauty by nature is effective

For the skeptics,all natural remedies from mother earth are effective.  They have been passed down, tried and tested from centuries before us. Would we really trust a man-made, silicon & chemical filled conditioner to nourish our hair better than a pure virgin coconut oil hair mask?  I think I’ll go with the latter!

3. It won’t break your bank

Effective yet affordable – what’s not to love? When we purchase a jar of cream in gorgeous packing for a couple hundred dollars – it’s so beautiful that we’re afraid to use it. The product goes to waste and so does our money! However, if we purchase a $10 almond oil, not only is it affordable but it also expires, as it is organic. Thus, it’s a great way to regulate our beauty regime and make sure we use the product!

I hope this article inspires you all to try DIY beauty. More DIY recipes to come in the next weeks!

The Natural Beauty Chef is your go-to guide about natural and organic beauty by Kirby Koo. Got a question? Comment below or email Kirby!


This Weird Yoga Quiz Made 9,492 People Transform Their Fitness In 29 Days

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It only takes 2 minutes...

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