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20 Funny Tweets You’ll Relate to When You’re Stressed AF

Samantha Allen
20 Funny Tweets You’ll Relate to When You’re Stressed AF

Are you stressed out right now? If you’re like the rest of us, the answer is probably “oh God, yes.” Experts say we’re more stressed out than ever before. Between work woes, financial fears, comment wars, and the pressure of keeping up with the Instagram Joneses who seem so #blessed, life in the 21st century just never slows down. No wonder so many of us are stressed AF.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. So if you’re super stressed out, you need to see these 20 funny tweets that basically explain what your life is like right now.

1. When you think about everything that’s stressing you out.


2. Nailed it.


3. When you’re stressed, it’s important to savor the little things in life, like your morning coffee.


4. Even better, switch to tea. Tea has so many healing properties.


5. Make sure you have the tools you need to cope in times of stress.


6. Pro tip: leave yourself encouraging notes to stay positive throughout the day.


7. Getting enough sleep is an important part of stress management.


8. Maybe take up a new sport to keep your stress levels down.


9. Or try meditation. That’s supposed to be easy, right?


10. It all makes so much sense now. Please pass the ice cream!


11. Okay, stress eating isn’t ideal. But at least you’re not this snake.


12. The worst part about stress is that it sometimes leads to even more stress.


13. And then your brain pretty much just breaks.


14. When you’re ready to snap and someone tries to add to your stress.


15. Starting a stressful week like:


16. And then ending that stressful week like:


17. Chances are, you need all three of these.


18. Who’s up for a road trip and some light legal paperwork?


19. This is some really solid advice.


20. Okay, so times might be tough right now. But if Britney could make it through 2007, you can make it through your hard times, too!


All jokes aside, stress really does have serious consequences for your mental and physical health, including an increased risk of depression, obesity, and heart disease. If you’re stressed out right now, here are some great ways to unwind!

How do you beat stress? Give us your tips in the comments.

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Samantha Allen
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